The National Handicapping Service (NHS) in an IGU initiative that delivers a system to centrally manage handicaps for the entire country and to make golf more accessible in India.


    1. The IGU is licensed to use the USGA’s GHIN service so an NHS member obtains an official USGA Handicap that is valid in over 60 countries across the globe. (Most Club Handicaps are only based on the USGA system and are not recognized across the country and the world).


    1. An NHS member will input scores from all courses playedwhich are then used in calculating his/her handicap. This provides for a more accurate handicap. (The majority of Club Handicaps use only scores submitted on their own course for handicapping).


    1. The USGA Handicapping system rates golf courses based on their playing difficulty from each tee (slope rating). This rating is used in calculating the Course Handicap. The advantage for the NHS member is that his/her handicap will be converted to the course handicap on which he/she is playing and depending on the rating of that course the player will get suitably adjusted number of strokes per round. Thus players from an easier course with a lower course rating will get additional strokes and vice versa. This ensures a level playing field for participants playing in handicap tournaments at different venues and provides equal opportunities to all players to win the event.


    1. Accessibility to all: A Golfer need not be a member of a Golf Club to sign up for the NHS. With an NHS Handicap they can now look forward to enter all those corporate and other competi-tions that they have been missing out on!


    1. Frequency: The NHS updates handicaps every 15 days to reflect the latest scores.


    1. Transparency: A golfers scores can be viewed online to understand how his handicap has been calculated.


    1. Authenticity: Online score verification by the marker/club through email to prevent posting of wrong scores. Peer review facilities available. Weightage for tournament scores


    1. No need to print a handicap card. Your handicap is available online at globally.



IGU NHS uses the GHIN Service of the United States Golf Association


IGU has contracted Rishi Narain Golf Management (RNGM) to deliver
the NHS to the nation.


NHS Subscription Fees

For Club Members, Serving Defence Personnel and Junior Golfers (Under 18 Years):

Rs 1,000 per year – Service Tax of 15%

Rs 3,000 for 3 years – Service Tax of 15%

For All Others

Rs 2500 per year – Service Tax of 15%

Rs 7,500 for 3 years - Service Tax of 15%

For payment made online there is an additional Convenience Charge of 5%. Not applicable for payment made by cheque/DD.


(Terms and conditions apply)

To register for NHS please Click Here

For any feedback, suggestions or complaints please write to us at


Member Clubs of the IGU can migrate their handicapping system to the NHS with ease and deriveadditional benefits.

  • Admin control for peer review and exceptional tournament scores.
  • Score Input equipment installed at the Club for free.
  • “Check-in Register” recorder at the first tee installed for free.
  • Course usage reports to cross verify number of rounds played with number of scores sub-mitted.
  • Detailed reports on rounds played, by whom, scores and other useful data for membership and club management.