1. The Indian Golf Union has introduced the concept of National Squad (NS) Program wef 2012 with a view to imparting specialized training to the top ranking players on the OOM of the IGU. Training and conditioning of NS and selection of teams / players for international competitions from the NS will therefore become an essential and focal part of the National Squad Program.
  2. The NS has been constituted to help the top players of the country in categories of Junior Boys, Ladies & Junior Girls and Gentlemen to benefit by having structured help from professionals in the field of Golf Fitness, Golf Skills, Physio & Golf Psychology. Formation of NS, its coaching & training will be an ongoing programme.
  3. Squad Strength
    1. Gentlemen - 8 from the Gentlemen’s OOM
    2. Junior Boys – 8 from the Junior A-B Combined OOM (including minimum four Cat B Boys)
    3. Ladies & Junior Girls – 10 from the Ladies OOM (including minimum four Junior Girls)
  4. Induction
    Players will be inducted in the NS once in every 6 months based on the ranking in the Order of Merit of Gentlemen, Junior Boys (Cat A-B Combined OOM), Ladies & Junior Girls (Ladies OOM) as on 1st January & 1st July. If there is an Event which is in progress on the above dates, then the respective OOM’s after the culmination of that Event (or cut-off date as decided by the Selection Committee) will be taken into consideration to nominate the Players for the National Squad.

    Eligibility. To be eligible for induction in the National Squad for Junior Boys, Ladies & Junior Girls, a player should be able to hold his age for a minimum of 3 months or 90 days otherwise the player will not be eligible for the squad. The cut-off date by virtue of date of birth would be as under:-
    January-June (Cut off date March’31st), July-December (Cut-off date September’30th)


    1. A player (Junior Boys) while transiting Categories from Cat B to Cat A after completion of 90 days will continue to remain in the Squad and the new Player so being inducted into the NS should be able to remain in the Squad for a minimum of two months or 60 days.
    2. A Junior Girl (or Category B Boy) will be inducted into the Ladies & Junior Girls National Squad (Junior Boys NS) if there are only three Junior Girls (three Cat B Boys) remaining in the Squad due to transition of any Junior Girl to the Ladies Category (or Cat A Boys to the Men’s Category). The Junior Girls (Cat B Boy) so being inducted into the NS must be able to remain in the NS for a minimum of two months or 60 days.
    3. Should a Junior Player (Boys) be eligible for induction into either of the NS (Junior Boys or Gentlemen), he will form a part of the Junior Boys NS. The Player will however be eligible for Selection in International Events as per policy for both Men’s and Junior Events.
  5. Process
    Physical Fitness Training and Strength Building will play an important role in the Squad Training. The Golf Physio, Physical Trainer and Golf Psychologist are part of the team who will conduct tests and monitor players at every camp. Players not meeting the Fitness Levels or passing the FMS protocols, while continuing to be in the Squad may not be selected for International Event/s.
  6. Golf Physio Assessment will check for postural limitations that each player may have. He/she will conduct tests for posture, flexibility, core strength and balance. Each player will be made to do a functional movement screen (FMS) which is a series of seven movement patterns which if deficient can be a source of injury. The squad will be educated why these movement patterns are important and what exercises and stretches can be done to improve the score. Each player will be scored based on a valid, reliable and a repeatable model. The highest score is 21 where the athlete is mobile and stable enough to embark on a strength and training protocol and is not at high risk for injury. Each player will be given his/her score with recommendations of how to improve the movement mechanics. The training protocol will be explained in detail by the Golf Physio at the beginning of each camp.
  7. Golf Fitness Instructor. Will check functional movement patterns specific to the demands of a golf swing and will introduce the squad to basic strength and conditioning protocols. The squad will also be taught a specific mobility warm-up and a static cool down stretching protocol. Each squad player will be given an individual program to work with for the next few months. The training program is based on individual weaknesses and dysfunctions. By the end of this period, players are expected to have a reasonable amount of physical competence and skill. They are expected to overcome the dysfunctions detected during screening and assessment.
  8. Golf Psychology. Will be conducting detailed intakes, followed by individual counselling sessions, multiple sessions on the range to work on pre-shot routines, as well as on-course implementation.
  9. Golf Skills Test. These will be conducted to check and evaluate a players skills relating to the Short Game which will comprises the following:

    1. Wedge Shot
    2. Bunker Shot
    3. Pitch Shot
    4. Chip Shot
    5. Long Putting
    6. Short Putting
  10. Squad Stroke Play Round. The Squad Player will be required to play an 18 Hole Stroke Play round on the last day of the camp to assess the playing ability on the course. This round could even be a match play competition amongst the Squad Players to check the ability of the players playing under match play condition. The National Squad Players (Juniors) are not permitted to participate in Zonal Sub Junior and Feeder Tour Events.
  11. Clinic on Rules of Golf /Presentation. This may be held in the first half of Day-6 of the Squad Camp, and will be conducted by a certified rules official, approved by the Chairman Technical, Rules & Amateur Status Committee.
  12. National Anti Doping Agency(NADA). Anti-doping test for all Squad Players will be carried out during the camps by NADA as and when required.
  13. Parent interaction day (Juniors Only). This may be held during the lunch on the last day of the Squad Camp where parents will be invited to interact with the staff.
  14. Golf Statistics Software. IGU has hired Hogwash Golf to help keep player statistics for which it will be mandatory for all players on the Squad or selected players to feed in normal day to day scores and all national and international tournament scores. Non compliance of this programme by the players will make them liable to be removed from the NS.
  15. Exemption Policy. As a rule no exemption will be granted to the Players from the National Camps and Selection Trials other than under extreme circumstances as listed below:

    1. Board Examinations.
    2. Bereavement in the immediate family.
    3. Personal illness or injury, duly supported by a registered medical practioners recommendation against attending the Camp.
    4. Players getting selected for the under mentioned international tournaments on the IGU’s approved list viz. Callaway World Juniors, True Vision, Hank Haney & US Kids World Championship
    5. Players will need to apply at least one month in advance to get the Exemption from the Camp, unless unavoidable due to circumstances.
    6. Any absence from the Camp without prior permission will be viewed seriously and may result in the player being excluded from the National Squad thereafter
  16. Discipline. During the tenure of the camp periodical report will be sent to the Disciplinary Committee. Disciplinary issues are being divided in to three categories as follows:-

    1. Category I Offence.
      1. Use of any drugs/consumption of Alcohol is prohibited
      2. Misbehaviour with Coach/s & Officials
      3. Cheating
      4. Breach of conduct – quarrelling & physical violence
    2. Category II Offence.

      1. Smoking & Chewing Tobacco Products during training hours.
      2. Spitting & abuse of Golf Course.
      3. Violation of Dress Code
      4. Abuse of Golf Clubs & other equipment
      5. Swearing & use of unbecoming language
      6. Disrespect to Squad Members & Seniors
      7. Not being punctual
    3. Category III Offence.

      1. Refusing to sit with Squad Members for meals
      2. Avoiding Physical Training Classes
      3. Creating an unhealthy atmosphere in the camp
      4. Propaganda of any type and rumour mongering

      Category I Offence gets reported immediately on its occurrence to the Disciplinary Committee whose decision ranges from suspending a member from the Squad temporarily or even permanently.

      Category II Offence warrants one written warning. On its being repeated at the 2nd instance it gets reported to the Disciplinary Committee which may suspend the defaulting player from the Squad temporarily or permanently.

      Category III Offence warrants one verbal and one written warning. On being repeated the matter gets reported to the Disciplinary Committee. Committee’s decision shall be final and binding on the offender.

    Decision of the Disciplinary Committee on matters reported to it shall be final and binding on all Squad Members.

  17. Selection for International Events

    1. Selection Trials will be held for the following events:-
      1. Asian Games
      2. Nomura Cup
      3. Eisenhower Cup/ Espirito De Santo Trophy
      4. Queen Sirikit Cup
      5. Any other event as decided by the Selection Committee
    2. Selection Trials will be held over minimum six rounds of Golf to be played at one or more venues as set forth and decided by the Selection Committee. The selection trials will have a Tournament Director (TD) and Referee(s) to run the event. One round of each Player will be discarded for taking into consideration for the final standings e.g. if a Selection Trial is being held over 6 rounds, then the best 5 rounds of each Player will be taken into consideration for the final standings. The conditions of Play will stipulate the Play-off’s required in case of ties for the required positions.
    3. All squad players will be called for selection trials. Also, players whose OOM ranking is higher than any of the NS Players will also be invited for the selection trials subject to a maximum of 12 players.
    4. In addition, for exceptionally talented Indian golfers studying abroad, their WAGR will be considered and if it is better than any of the NS players (Eight), then they may also be invited for the selection trials subject to such Players adhering to IGU Guidelines. Written request from eligible Players must be received well in time for consideration.
    5. For Team events, one spot will be reserved for exceptional players at the discretion of the Selection Committee. However, if the player has participated in the selection trials, then he or she will not be considered for a discretionary spot
    6. The list of players for the selection trials will be based on National Squad and OOM rankings as on 30 days prior to the trials or the last date of entry for the trials as decided by the Selection Committee, whichever is earlier.
    7. Any player not agreeing to play an international event may not be considered for the next event or foreign exposure(s).
    8. Undertaking. Following undertakings need to be given by all Players and Parents/Guardians (in the case of minors) :-

      1. All squad players need to commit to an entire calendar year in case the player is planning to turn professional. Should the Player violate this undertaking then he/she is liable to refund the entire amount of money spent on him/her by the IGU in the entire calendar year.
      2. Indemnity Bond (attached). This will be signed by all Players and Parents/Guardians (in the case of minors) while being inducted in the NS.

      Selection of Players for International Exposures can be from outside the National Squad. For selection of Players for events, the OOM 30 days prior to the Event date (excluding date of practice round) OR the OOM as on the closing date of entries (as applicable to select few events such as the Junior Open/British Amateur etc.) will be considered e.g. If a Team of Top 2 Players (Men) is to be selected for an event (03-06 May 2015), then the OOM of Men as on 03 April 2015 will be considered. The Selection Committee may also consider Players lower down the OOM/players in the NS for giving exposure. The decision of the Selection Committee will however, be final and binding.

    Note: The decision of the Selection Committee will be final and binding in this regard. The SOP for Selection Trials will be followed by the TD for conducting the same.

The above policy has been approved by the IGU Council and is subject to periodic review.


To be read and signed by all Players and Parents/Guardians in the case of minors (Below 18 years)

THE Indian Golf Union is the apex body for governing the game of Golf in the country and is duly recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. In consideration for the involvement of IGU in supporting Golf and organizing Camps, selection trials and sending Players abroad for various International Events and training/exposures, the undersigned, being the Player/legal and acting guardian of and on behalf of ___________(Name of Player)__________, release and hold harmless the Indian Golf Union, their directors, Managers, Coaches, Council Members, staff, agents, escorts, employee, members, owners, successors and assignees of any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, property damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by the player named above and/or the undersigned while the player is in travel to, or participating in any event/camp/training being conducted by IGU and further agrees to indemnify The Indian Golf Union against all liability, loss, damages, reasonable attorney's fees, defense costs, expenses, judgment claims and demands which the IGU may incur or become responsible for by reason of the above mentioned player.

The undersigned, being duly aware of the risks and hazards in travel to, and participating in a golf tournament/Training Camp and any other such related activities, and acting for the player name above, hereby elect voluntarily to grant their written permission. The undersigned acting for the player name above, hereby voluntarily assume all risks of loss, property damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by the player and/or the undersigned.

This RELEASE shall be binding upon the distributers, heirs, next of kin, personal representatives, executors and administrators, successors and assignees of the player and of the undersigned.

This RELEASE shall be in full force and effect, inclusive of the duration of National Squad/when detailed for International Exposure/training activity, which the player is involved in travel, participation in Camps/training, or related activities of the IGU.

In signing this RELEASE, each of the undersigned hereby acknowledges and represents:

  1. That he/she has read the foregoing RELEASE, understands it, and signs it voluntarily.
  2. That any undersigned, signing as 'legal guardian', is in fact a true legal guardian of the named below, each of the undersigned is over the age of twenty-one years and of sound mind and has signed this RELEASE with the knowledge and consent of the player who has signed below, and each of the undersigned understands that this RELEASE relates to any and all claims of the player named below and the undersigned.

Player's Signature____________________Date___________________________
In the case of minor (Below 18 years of age)
Parent's Signature____________________________________Date________________________________
Or Guardian____________________________Date__________________________


The following facilities are being allowed for players attending Training Camps organised by Indian Golf Union. These guidelines come in to force with immediate effect till further notice. This supersedes previous guidelines / understandings, if any:-

  1. Airport / Rly. Station / Bus Station / Residence transfers

    1. Taxi Fare from Residence to Airport- On actual subject to submission of Taxi Bill duly signed by the player.
    2. In case use of personal car - Max of Rs.6 P KM. Player must submit a statement – his/her home address and the distance in KMs (To & Fro).
    3. Hotel/ place of stay to venue - In case transport has not been arranged, a player may take a taxi / personal car as indicated under sub para (a)(i)and(ii) with prior permission of Camp In-charge.
  2. Air / Rail / Bus Tickets

    1. All air tickets will be booked by the IGU Secretariat. The Rail and bus ticket where applicable will be booked by the players themselves. Reimbursements of such ticket costs will be done on production of copy of ticket duly signed by the player.
    2. Class of travel allowed:-
      Air - Economy
      Rail- Exec Chair Car/2nd AC sleeper for overnight journey
      Bus - AC
    3. Reimbursement: - In case the player travels under own arrangements he/ she will be reimbursed the cost of 2nd AC sleeper fare from home to destination / actual, whichever is less plus the cost of taxi fare.
  3. Hotels

    1. Rooms will be booked by IGU Secretariat on twin sharing basis in a hotel of its choice.
    2. In case IGU Secretariat is not able to book hotel, the players may be asked to make their own arrangements. Cost of such hotel/guest room etc. may not exceed Rs.2000/- per day. Reimbursement of such expenses will be made on production of hotel bill duly signed by the player/s.
    3. Cost of meals taken in Hotel / Room Service will be dealt with guideline D-(iii) given below.
    4. No reimbursement of costs on liquor, laundry & cigarettes will be made.
  4. Meals & Refreshments

    1. Players should have breakfast at the hotels whose room tariff includes Bed & Breakfast.
    2. Any meal that has been organised for all players by the Camp-In-charge should be taken together. Any player who is unable to join may be excused by the Camp In-charge. Cost of meal shall be borne by the player.
    3. In cases where it has not been possible for IGU Secretariat to organise any meal the players may eat on their own and following reimbursements (max limit) will be made subject to production of bills duly signed by the players.
      Breakfast- Rs. 200.00
      Lunch- Rs. 400.00
      Dinner- Rs. 400.00
      On course Refreshments/Water etc.- Rs. 200.00
  5. Caddies

    1. Caddy Rates at each venue will be fixed by the Camp In-charge and shall be uniform for all players which are venue dependent.
    2. Players must play / practice as per training schedule decided by the Camp In-charge. If a player decides to play / practice additionally, outside the training schedule permitted by the Camp-In-charge, cost of such caddy fee must be borne by the player.
    3. Use of personal caddy for picking balls is not permitted at Driving Ranges which provide golf balls.
    4. Common caddies for Chipping Area may be fixed by the Camp In-charge and such payments will be made by Camp In-charge.
    5. Mineral water, energy drinks is for the consumption of the players which shall not be given to the caddies. Caddy refreshments will be as per the local club traditions followed by majority of club members.
  6. Billing. All camp bills will be forwarded to NHPM clearly stating the player’s name, duly signed by the player, within 7 days of the camps. All air travel bookings will be done by the IGU office. The Boarding Passes will be submitted by the player not later than 7 days from the camp. In case of default the player will have to bear the cost of the air travel themselves.
  7. Dress Code

    1. Players at all times will follow the dress code as specified by Camp In-charge. The dress code for the Ladies and Junior Girls will be as given out by the Chairperson of the IGU Ladies Committee.
    2. Uniforms given by IGU from time to time must be worn as warranted by the occasion / Camp In-charge. At no point of time these should be passed on to others /caddies.
  8. Travel documents. It will be the responsibility of the player to ensure that his passport and other photo ID documents are in place with a minimum validity period of 6 months at any given point of time.
    It will be responsibility of the player to ensure at least 2 PP size photographs (one with white background) along with passport is sent to IGU Secretariat as soon as possible by Blue Dart/DHL/FedEx after the player has been informed of his selection in an international event.
  9. Media. Players may speak to media only on his personal playing form and personal achievements. Players are not permitted to speak to media on matters of IGU policies, selection criterion, playing form of other players, camp conditions, and India’s likely performance in the forth coming events etc. These subjects will be dealt by the camp In-charge who may give such information after discussing the same with Director General, IGU. Being photographed by media as news coverage of the camp / selection is permitted.
  10. Subsistence Allowance. The Squad Players will be paid Rs.5000/- towards monthly training & coaching expenses being a member of the National Squad.

Please sign and return the original copy of this letter as receipt & your acceptance of this letter.

Wg Cdr Arun Singh (Retd)
Director General

Player Signature:_________________________